Savannah Clarke, CTEC

Savannah Clarke, CRTP
Staff Bookkeeper
CTEC Registered Tax Preparer

I grew up in New Jersey and graduated with my Associate’s in Business Administration and certificate in computerized accounting in 2013. Just after I graduated, I moved to Alaska with my husband, who is active-duty Army. We began our family with two dogs and added two boys shortly after. So far, we have lived in Alaska, Texas, Georgia, and are currently living in upstate New York. When I am not working or studying, you can find me running after my boys, exploring where we live, and enjoying our time together. My favorite books are the Harry potter series and my favorite thing to watch is football.

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there,” Theodore Roosevelt. In 2020, I started back to work and school, enrolling full-time for my bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance and working in the tax and accounting industry. After I graduate in 2022, I plan to continue my education and go for my master’s degree. I joined TD Tax & Accounting Services in 2021, and am looking forward to working with clients, and expanding my knowledge and proficiency in the industry.